Swimming Pool Service

Miller Pools Retail – Service Center & Remodel Showroom is your complete swimming pool care and service company! We specialize in swimming pool supplies, servicing, repair, remodeling and equipment.

Miller Pools has been a family-owned and operated business faithfully serving southeast Houston and the Bay Area for over 28 years.

Kevin & Mary’s Swimming Pool Transformation


We are offering free delivery to our service area.  Call 713-944-4444 or e-mail us for details.

Superior Remodeling Services

Cracked or dingy tiles? Stained plaster? We specialize in remodeling swimming pools. Check out our before and after pictures in our Remodeling Section.

Michael Miller AM 700 Radio BroadcastBackyard Bay Radio Show

Now you can listen to Michael Miller, host of Backyard Bay, a radio talk show about swimming pools & all that surrounds them. All shows are live and Michael would love to hear from you.

Listen in! The show airs on Saturdays from 11am to 12pm on AM 700.

Upholding true standards of customer and quality service

Upholding true standards of customer and quality service

It has been a year since we resurfaced our pool with Miller Pools. Since that time we have had interactions with various contractors for different aspects of work on our house. Without question, the team from Miller Pools that handled our project was head and shoulders above the rest. The entire process from working with you to establish and finalize the bid to the excellent customer service Shane provided to make sure everything was up to his high standards was exceptional. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to being promised more that what is delivered, being sold exceptional workmanship when mediocre at best is delivered, being guaranteed prompt arrivals but realizing late arrivals or no shows, and other realities that make considering using a contractor a nightmare. We have consistently compared our interactions with other contractors to our experience with Miller Pools and all have come up short.

I just felt the need to commend you for upholding true standards of customer and quality service that we hear so much about, but rarely see in action. I have and will continue to recommend Miller Pools, especially since my coworker who we referred also was pleased with the Miller Pools experience.

Thank you!

Respectfully, John