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Why Is Pool Maintenance Important During Winter Months?

Most backyard pools are in frequent use over the summer months as eager swimmers seek relief from the sweltering heat. Over the winter months, your time spent in the pool may dramatically decrease — swimming in sub-zero temperatures feels significantly less relaxing after all! Many people may assume that this means you can reduce or stop pool maintenance altogether — why would you need to maintain your pool if it’s not in use?

However, this couldn’t be more wrong, and by neglecting winter pool maintenance you could end up damaging your pool and being landed with an expensive repair bill once swim season rolls back around. But what does winter weather actually do to pools? And how can you maintain your pool over winter? The team at Miller Pools is here to help with this guide to winter pool care.

What does winter weather do to pools?

Winter weather can have an adverse effect on many components of your pool. Once the temperature plunges below a certain level, parts of your pool may freeze. This can be especially problematic if water is left in your equipment and pipework over winter; if it freezes, it can expand and cause elements of your plumbing to crack, leading to an expensive repair bill.

Although algae thrives in the summer, it doesn’t stop growing when the temperature dips. Therefore, if your pool isn’t properly maintained over winter, this creates a breeding ground where algae can flourish. Algae can block your filter, discolor the pool water and delay the reopening of your pool, so it’s essential to ensure your water chemistry is properly balanced to avoid this.

Do I need pool maintenance in winter?

In short, yes! It’s vital to continue with pool maintenance during the winter for a number of reasons:

  • Bad weather can cause certain components of your pool to freeze, potentially leading to major damage. By using proper winterization techniques and carrying out regular maintenance, you offer your pool the best possible chance at protection against these harsh temperatures.
  • When your pool isn’t in regular use, minor issues can go unnoticed. By scheduling weekly pool maintenance, you can identify potential problems at an early stage before they develop into expensive damage later down the line.
  • Can you put a price on your peace of mind? When you schedule winter pool care, you can relax knowing that your pool is safe, clean, and ready for you to enjoy whenever.
  • You’ll probably want to make the most of your pool and dive straight in at the first sign of sun. However, when your pool isn’t properly maintained over the winter, a number of issues can develop that may delay its reopening and mean you don’t make the most of your pool over the summer.

How to maintain your pool in winter

  • Winterization: You may have heard of winterization before, but perhaps you’re not quite sure what this involves. To put it simply, winterization is part of the pool closing process and ensures that your pool can withstand freezing temperatures. It can be a lengthy process and involves a variety of tasks such as cleaning pool surfaces, adding pool winterization chemicals, assessing and adjusting the water chemistry, removing pool equipment, and more.
  • Invest in a winter pool cover: Winter pool covers are fully opaque and block sunlight. Not only does this prevent evaporation, but it also discourages algae growth. Furthermore, a winter pool cover can prevent leaves and other debris from collecting in your pool during extended periods of disuse; these contaminants can cause your pool filter to clog if left.
  • Check water chemistry: If your pool water chemistry is unbalanced, it can become cloudy, grow algae, and even result in corrosion. By frequently checking the pH and chemical balance of your pool during the winter, you can react quickly to any potential problems and take the necessary preventative measures to ensure your pool water remains safe and ready for the swim season.
  • Consult a professional: By employing a trusted pool expert like Miller Pools to handle your winter pool maintenance, you can have peace of mind that your pool will stay protected with minimal effort required on your part.

Winter pool care services from Miller Pools

Do you need a hand protecting your pool this winter? Why not contact Miller Pools today? We’re your trusted pool partners in Pasadena, Texas, and beyond, with our experts boasting over 25 years of experience in winter pool care.

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