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Miller Pools How Do I Know if My Pool Needs Replastering?

With summer fast approaching, you’re probably hoping to get some serious use out of your pool this summer. However, if you’ve had your pool for a while or you use it frequently, you’ve probably noticed a bit of wear, or maybe minor damage, appearing on its surface. Not only does this make your pool look… Read More

Miller Pools What Causes Calcium Buildup in Pools?

Have you noticed that your pool water sometimes looks cloudy? Or maybe the surface of your pool feels rough to the touch? These are all signs of calcium buildup, which is bad news if you’re hoping to swim regularly in your pool this summer. It’s only natural that you’ll want to get as much use… Read More

Miller Pools Pool Pump Regulation Changes in 2021

Federal regulations for pool pumps were officially changed back in July 2021, and so all current and new pool owners should be aware of what this means. The new law saw a change from single-speed pumps to variable-speed pumps on all new and replacement inground pool filter pumps. Why Is There a Change to Variable-Speed… Read More

Miller Pools Guide to the Best Pool Surface Options in Texas (Infographic)

It’s only natural that, over time, your pool will experience wear and tear, which can leave it looking run-down and in urgent need of some TLC. It’s important not to neglect the appearance of your pool – if your pool looks unappealing then you’re less likely to want to use it. A pool renovation is… Read More

Miller Pools What Should Chlorine Levels Be in a Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool should be a relaxing, enjoyable environment, but this is only possible if the water chemistry is sanitary and properly balanced. Pool chlorine is essential for this and without it, your pool can become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Not only does this make the water look murky and unpleasant, but it… Read More

Miller Pools Swimming Pool Mastic FAQs

Building a pool in your backyard offers a multitude of benefits, providing a space to relax, exercise and escape the scorching summer temperatures. However, it’s also a considerable investment that you’ll want to protect for years to come. Before beginning any work, it’s important to understand the inner workings of your pool and know just… Read More

Miller Pools Affordable Ways to Remodel Your Pool in Pasadena, TX

During the summer months, you’ll probably spend most days relaxing in your pool to escape the heat. When your pool is in such frequent use, it’s only natural that it’ll experience wear and tear over time, which can leave it looking in need of some TLC.  By remodeling your pool, you can give it a… Read More

Miller Pools Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Company

Your backyard pool is supposed to be a relaxing place where you can unwind and get away from it all. However, without proper upkeep, your swimming pool can quickly turn into a source of stress and frustration. That’s why it’s important to employ the right pool company to carry out regular maintenance work. But what… Read More

Miller Pools Why Is Pool Maintenance Important During Winter Months?

Most backyard pools are in frequent use over the summer months as eager swimmers seek relief from the sweltering heat. Over the winter months, your time spent in the pool may dramatically decrease — swimming in sub-zero temperatures feels significantly less relaxing after all! Many people may assume that this means you can reduce or… Read More

Miller Pools Can Leaves Damage My Swimming Pool?

During the fall, you may notice more leaves than usual in your pool, particularly if your backyard has lots of overhanging trees. While you may assume that this is a minor issue, leaves can build up if left ignored and result in major problems for your pool. But just what do leaves do to a… Read More

Frequently asked questions

How to tell my pool has a leak?

The most obvious sign of a pool leak is if it’s losing water. 

While a decreasing water level is the clearest indication of a leak, falling tiles, wet spots in your yard, higher than normal water bills, and other factors could also be signs.

If you suspect your pool has a leak, get in touch with Miller Pools immediately and we can assist.

What areas do you cover?

At Miller Pools, we provide our services to a wide range of customers throughout the city of Pasadena and the surrounding areas of Texas.

You can find the full list of where we work on our areas covered page.

My pool is green. What should I do?

Typically, if your pool water has turned green, it will mean that you have a problem with algae. Algae can damage some of your swimming pool’s features and could even make you unwell if you swim in it, so it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible.

There are a number of things you can do to stop algae from forming in the first place, including ensuring your pool’s filtration system is working, regularly testing your water’s chemical levels, and using shock treatments at least once a week. You can find more information on algae prevention  here. 

However, if you already have an algae infestation, you’ll need professional help to solve the issue. Our team can help handle any algae problems you’re experiencing so simply get in touch.

When should you open and close a pool in Pasadena?

The process of opening and closing a pool involves making sure your pool is ready to use at the times of year when it is most suitable. For example, most people close their pool during the winter when the weather gets colder and open it again when temperatures get warmer in the spring.
The opening and closing process involves a lot more than just covering or uncovering the water, and you can find out everything you need to know about it on our pool opening and closing page.

The optimum time to open or close your pool will vary depending on the weather that year, but the team here at Miller Pools will be able to advise on what’s best for you.

Do you sell pool chemicals?

Yes, we can provide you with all the necessary pool chemicals to ensure the water is safe to swim in. This can include chlorine, shock treatments, and chemicals that will balance the water’s pH. Our team can even add them to your pool on your behalf. Check out our pool chemicals and products page to learn more.

Do you offer different pool maintenance packages?

At Miller Pools, we take a customized approach to all of our clients and can cater pool maintenance packages directly to you and your needs.

So whether you want us to visit you each week for regular maintenance or would prefer us just to help out with opening and closing or pool winterizing, we’re here for you.

Take a look at our pool maintenance page for more details, or get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

How can I get a quote?

The best way to get a quote is to simply give us a call!

We can organize for a member of our team to visit your site to assess your pool, chat through the type of maintenance you require, and draw up a quote for the work.

Our process is extremely straightforward and is focused on achieving the best results so you can make the most out of your pool.

What type of pool repairs do you offer?

At Miller Pools, we provide a wide range of pool repairs including:

  • Pool pump repairs
  • Pool heater repairs
  • Pool leak repairs
  • Pool plaster repairs
  • And more!

Plus, if any of your equipment has become broken or damaged, we can help with that, too.

What does cloudy pool water mean?

Cloudy pool water can be caused by a whole host of things, from faulty pool filters to low chlorine levels.

It’s important to address cloudy water as soon as you notice it, as it can potentially be unsafe to swim in. 

You check out our blog post on cloudy pool water for tips on how to fix it, or simply give us a call and one of our expert technicians will be happy to help.

How do I arrange an extra cleaning visit?

Our team is extremely flexible when it comes to your pool maintenance, and can tailor our services around your schedule. 

Therefore, if you require an additional cleaning visit for whatever reason, you can simply give us a call to arrange it.

What pH level should my pool water be?

A pH level between 7-7.6 is considered optimum for pool water. A pH of higher than 8 can cause rashes whereas lower than 7 can cause a swimmer’s eyes to sting.

The best way to maintain a pool’s pH level is through regular maintenance and as part of our regular service as this is something we will always monitor.  


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