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Help & Advice: Pool Remodeling

Miller Pools Guide to the Best Pool Surface Options in Texas (Infographic)

It’s only natural that, over time, your pool will experience wear and tear, which can leave it looking run-down and in urgent need of some TLC. It’s important not to neglect the appearance of your pool – if your pool looks unappealing then you’re less likely to want to use it. A pool renovation is… Read More

Miller Pools Affordable Ways to Remodel Your Pool in Pasadena, TX

During the summer months, you’ll probably spend most days relaxing in your pool to escape the heat. When your pool is in such frequent use, it’s only natural that it’ll experience wear and tear over time, which can leave it looking in need of some TLC.  By remodeling your pool, you can give it a… Read More

Miller Pools Considerations Before Remodeling Your Pool

Whether you’re using it as a place for exercise, social gatherings or relaxation, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of your backyard pool. Unfortunately, like any well-loved feature, your pool will experience wear and tear over time, which can leave it looking neglected.  A pool remodel is a great way to revitalize… Read More


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