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The Importance of Properly Storing Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals keep the water safe, hygienic, and pleasant to swim in. Because their usage is such a central part of pool maintenance, it’s vital to keep chemicals stored properly to prevent their degradation, to stop spillages, and to protect children and pets.  

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of proper pool chemical storage along with some tips.

Why are pool chemicals important?

The health and safety of swimmers relies heavily on pool chemicals. These essential additions keep your water clean and free from algae and other contaminants, and are an obligatory part of pool maintenance and ownership. With this in mind, there is a right way to store chemicals for optimal safety, which you must pay careful attention to. 

Why should you properly store pool chemicals

Storing pool chemicals properly is important for several key reasons. 

Firstly, if chemicals are stored improperly, this can lead to them degrading much faster, ultimately costing you more money to replace them. By storing them properly, you can preserve their quality for much longer. 

Secondly, chemicals can be harmful to children and pets, and should only be handled by responsible adults. That’s why it’s important to store chemicals out of reach of your little ones or furry friends. 

And thirdly, certain chemicals should not mix with each other. By handling and storing chemicals in a responsible manner, you can avoid chemicals from mixing and reacting with each other in a possibly harmful way. 

The Importance of Properly Storing Pool Chemicals

7 ways to properly store pool chemicals

Here are a few pool chemical storage tips to guide you:

  • Check instructions and regulations: Always look at chemical container labels for instructions on how to suitably store their contents. Also, make sure you check local pool chemical storage regulations to ensure you are compliant.
  • Find a child-safe and pet-friendly location: Children and animals are the most vulnerable members of your family, so keep them safe by storing pool chemicals in locked or secure locations, away from prying hands (or paws) and well out of reach. Always make sure to promptly clean away any spillages, too.
  • Avoid switching containers: Always use the containers that the chemicals originally came in, and avoid transferring chemicals from one container to another. This is to prevent residue from the previously stored chemicals from mixing with any newly stored chemicals, as doing so could cause dangerous reactions or generate fumes.
  • Consider conditions: Think carefully about the sort of space that the chemicals will be stored in. It’s best to pick a place that is not in direct sunlight and that is relatively cool, as it can be problematic if chemicals get too hot. You’ll also want to avoid humid environments, and ensure that the space is well-ventilated to prevent the accumulation of fumes. You might also want to check the chemical supplier’s own storage recommendations.
  • Keep away from other chemicals and materials: Keep flammable materials away from the pool chemicals, along with any sources of heat or gas. You should also keep away other sorts of chemicals too, such as herbicides, paints, glues, oils, and cleaning chemicals.
  • Store smartly: Never put liquids above dry chemicals, just in case of spills, and avoid placing containers on the floor. When storing out of reach of children, make sure that the containers are not too far above your head, either. There may also be some useful advice on the product label, too, which may inform the placement; for example, chlorine and acid should never be stored together, nor should chlorine and bromine. There may be other combinations that should be avoided too, so make sure to read instructions carefully.
  • Best practices: For general safety, stick to a few best practices such as washing your hands before and after handling pool chemicals, and always making sure to close the container lids when you’re done with them.

Hopefully you’re all clued up with how to protect yourself, your property, and your family when storing chemicals. Now all you need is to obtain the best pool chemicals for the job, and that’s where Miller Pools can help. 

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