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Why is My Pool Cloudy and How Can I Fix It?

Is your pool cloudy? Baffled by the cause? Or do you just need a little advice on how to fix a cloudy pool? 

If this is the case for you, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll be exploring the above questions so you can sidestep this problem in future and restore your pool to full glory. 

What causes cloudy pool water?

If you’re wondering what causes cloudy pool water, there are multiple potential reasons, including:

  • Inadequate or faulty pool filtration: Pool contaminants are not filtered out, leading to unclean water. 
  • Low chlorine levels: Chlorine is a key ingredient to keep your water clean, so if there’s not enough of it, the water can become dirty. 
  • High pH: If your pH levels are not optimal, this can lead to growth of bacteria. 
  • Presence of algae or contaminants: All of the above issues can lead to algae growth and contaminant build-up, making the water in your pool unappealing and unhealthy.
  • Environmental factors: Leaves, dust, and animal visitors can also lead to a gradual collection of debris in your pool.
  • Calcium hardness: Perhaps your pool’s calcium levels are a little too high? This can lead to development of limescale within your pool, also contributing to cloudiness. 

Some of the above causes are also linked to one another. So, for example, if your filtration system is struggling or your water chemistry is off, this can lead to accumulation of contaminants and algae growth – causing a cloudy pool. 

Why is my pool cloudy after it rains?

The rain has come down heavily, you’ve noticed a change in your pool water, and now you’re wondering, why is my pool cloudy? 

Our pools need the right balance of chemicals to stay clean and sanitary. When heavy rain falls, it dilutes these delicate chemical ratios. This leads to the pool chemicals sometimes not being as effective at cleaning the water – resulting in cloudy waters.

Why is my pool cloudy after shocking?

Sometimes, a pool can be cloudy immediately after shocking. This should clear up on its own. 

However, if the pool remains cloudy long after shocking, this could be indicative of a deeper issue, including high pH or poor pool filtration. 

If your pool is still cloudy a couple of days post-shocking, then get a professional, such as Miller Pools, to come out and diagnose the underlying problem. 

Is it ok to swim in a cloudy pool?

It is potentially unsafe to swim in a cloudy pool. That’s because the cloudiness indicates a lack of cleanliness and sanitization. 

Potential problems that could result from swimming in a cloudy pool include irritation to eyes and skin, and sickness if ingested. 

How do I fix a cloudy pool?

Your pressing question is probably now how to clear up a cloudy pool once you have one. So let’s take a look: 

  • Test your pool chemicals: The best way to establish if there are chemical imbalances is to use a pool testing kit. Ideally, you should test a pool once or twice a week as part of a good maintenance schedule. From these test results, you can identify issues and decide on next steps to combating the problem.
  • Address imbalances: If any imbalances are found as a result of the test, you need to restore the correct chemical balances. For example, if chlorine is low, you may need to shock the pool. If the alkalinity is too low, you can add alkaline products. If there is too much hardness, you might need to add a flocculant to ‘clump out’ particles, which should then be vacuumed. Ask for professional advice if you’re unsure of how to restore the correct balance. 
  • Check the mechanics: If the problem doesn’t appear to be chemical, it may be mechanical. Make sure you’re running the filter for at least eight hours a day to adequately clean the pool. Also make sure you’re backwashing the filtration system and cleaning out skimmer baskets. If you’ve tried all of this, you’ll need a professional company, such as Miller Pools, to diagnose and correct the issue.
  • Hire a professional maintenance company: No time to keep on top of your pool maintenance? Hiring the services of a professional pool maintenance company, such as Miller Pools, will save you time and effort, as well as keeping your pool clean and clear. Our experts provide maintenance packages that cover all maintenance tasks, along with general repair and renovation works too. 

Troubled by a cloudy pool? Here at Miller Pools, we’re a leading provider of pool maintenance services across Pasadena, Humble, Atascocita, and beyond. With over 25 years’ experience as a family-run pool care company, you can be assured of high-quality pool maintenance every time. Get in touch to discover more. 

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